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Saywell Jump

The Saywell Jump saddle is a lightweight dual flap saddle designed by Andrew Saywell in conjunction with Ryder Saddles. Andrew is an accredited coach with British Show Jumping, jumped internationally for Great Britain competing on numerous Nation Cups and is still producing horses to a high level and developing/training young riders for the future.

The Saywell Saddle is made on a traditional French show jumpingtree giving perfect balance at all times. The panels aresingle Europesn style panles and are flocked with Jacobs wool to allow the horse complete shoulder freedom and flexibility at all times. The Saywell saddle has a small rolls on the panel and is available as a duel or mono flap saddle and with a standard skirt and flap if required or the skirt and flap all in one. The advantage of this concept is there is less bulk under the riders thigh. In terms of seat depth we would describe this seat as a mid depth seat. . All bespoke Ryder options are available

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