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​Below are examples of the personalisation you can add to your saddle as well as the leather and welt options we offer. If you don't see what you are looking for of would like to provide your own leather to match your riding boots or hat for example we can usually facilitate this. For more information please contact us or your chosen Ryder Fitter.

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Dressage flap options

Standard (16") Short (15") Long (17") Special options also available

Jumping flap options

As per the model (standard) straight (1" back) Forward (1/2" forward) Extra forward (1" forward) Special options also available

Tree twist options - All saddle types

Narrow, standard,or wide twists available.

Front and rear gusset option's (not pictured)

The gussets can be any size required and are completely bespoke to your horse - Your Ryder Saddle fitter will discuss what size gussets need to made to ensure the best fit of your Ryder Saddle.  They can be made in any gradient required, for example 1 ½" or they can be not added in to the front at all if not required.

Panel shape/type

These are completely bespoke to your horse and custom made to order. All panel types are availble including a K panel, drop panel and freedom panel. Your Ryder Saddle fitter will discuss what panel shape/type is best for your horse. 

Billets/girth straps

These can be fully adjustable or fixed in a position as per fitting. Extra ones can also be added. They are also available as a chrome solid leather or wrapped like out stirrup leathers.

One off Saddles

As well as our standard saddles all of our saddles can be fully customised, for example with bigger blocks for greater stability to suit any type of riders needs. We have over they years had great success working with  Para riders to ensure thier safety, stability and comfort while in the saddle. We can also make saddles on one off trees if this is required.


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