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Welcome to our range of high performance dressage saddles. All our dressage saddles are available as either a mono or duel flap option and in short, standard or long flap with a range of different blocks to choose from.

To help you with ideas for making your saddle bespoke to you please take a look on our Bespoke Options
page. For more information on our saddle range please get in touch with your nearest Ryder saddles fitter or contact us for more information.

Riveria Dressage saddle

Riveria Dressage saddle

The Riveria Dressage saddle is designed for a horse with a large prominent shoulder and are wide at the base of the wither. This saddle has a wide channel running the same width throughout the saddle to allow space for the thoracic vertebrae and has wide slim panels that give the horse an even contact throughout

Baroque Saddle


This Baroque saddle has been specifically developed by Ryder Saddles for the warmblood and other such types. It particularly suits Friesian horses. The tree has exceptionally short points so as not to impinge shoulder movement and cause the horse to curl back at the rider...

External Block Baroque Saddle

External Block Baroque

The same as the Baroque above but this saddle has a fixed external front block and is available only as a monoflap saddle. Any size, type or length of block can be chosen for this saddle. Available in all the customisation options...

 Euro Dressage - Fully Adjustable

Euro Dressage - Fully Adjustable

Launching in Jan 24 - A fully adjustable dressage saddle from Ryder Saddles

The Excellence Saddle

The Excellence

The Excellence saddle allows for true contact between horse and rider both through the twist of the tree and the unique closeness through the rider’s leg...

Legacy Ultra Saddle

Bruno Legacy

New design features will be added to this super popular saddle. New images coming soon.

Panamera Saddle

The Panamera Dressage Saddle

A deep seated monoflap saddle with external blocks, the saddle is available in a full block and half block options...

Monaco Dressage Saddle

Monaco Dressage Saddle

The Monaco Dressage saddle is designed on the same tree as the Riveria dressage saddle. This saddle has been thoughtfully crafted to fit modern warmbloods; With broad wide shoulders, flatter toplines, and support freedom of movement in their shoulder.

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