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The dressage saddles you see pictured below are our most popular current range of saddles at present. We do however keep all of our old patterns from the past so can still make those models. All our saddles can be mixed and matched, so you can have the blocks from one saddle and the seat from another for example. Our dressage saddles are also all available with internal Velcro blocks. The options are endless so if you don't see what you are looking for please call or email to discuss further as at Ryder we know horses and people come in all shapes and sizes.

To help you with ideas for making your saddle bespoke to you please take a look on our
Bespoke Options page. For more information on our saddle range please get in touch with your nearest Ryder saddles fitter or contact us for more information.

VIP Saddle


The VIP Special has a three quarter length roll set on an angle to contour the leg, the front of the roll also has an intricate welt running down the front...

Panamera Saddle

The Panamera Range

A deep seated monoflap saddle with external blocks, the saddle is available in a full block and half block options...

The Excellence Saddle

The Excellence

The Excellence saddle allows for true contact between horse and rider both through the twist of the tree and the unique closeness through the rider’s leg...

Impression Saddle


The Impression is styled in the same way as the VIP saddle but the has a tree suitable for todays modern sports horse. Ideal for horses that have an average wither, have muscle over their shoulders and a well developed top line...

Universal Dressage

Universal Dressage

The Universal dressage has been developed to suit the broader/wider horse. We have used the design and placement of the VIP front blocks and added these on to the seat/tree of the Native/Bellagio saddle, making this saddle ideal for the wider backed horse...

Bellagio Saddle

Bellagio Dressage

This Bellagio dressage is very neat in appearance a lightweight mono saddle with our own double SS panel and external rolls and also benefits from a neat flap that really allows for the rider to use their leg and seat aids effectively as well as a more forward angled block...

Classic Legacy Saddle

Classic Legacy

The legend that is the Ryder Legacy is back!! This saddle was our most popular saddle ever and after many requests for its return this year it is back in production...

Bruno Saddle


The Bruno dressage saddle is made on the same tree as our popular Legacy saddle which is a more open tree. It has aesthetically moulded knee blocks that aid with the riders leg position and offers plenty of support to the rider...

Baroque Saddle


This Baroque saddle has been specifically developed by Ryder Saddles for the warmblood and other such types. It particularly suits Friesian horses. The tree has exceptionally short points so as not to impinge shoulder movement and cause the horse to curl back at the rider...

External Block Baroque Saddle

External Block Baroque

The same as the Baroque above but this saddle has a fixed external front block and is available only as a monoflap saddle. Any size, type or length of block can be chosen for this saddle. Available in all the customisation options...

Legacy Ultra Saddle

Legacy Ultra

One of our most popular saddles ever and one we have made for over twenty years that now has an updated look. The flap is blocked and moulded over the knee roll giving this saddle a low profile look but still allows a very secure feel for the rider’s leg...

Zara Dressage Saddle

Zara - Dressage

The Zara Dressage is one of our most popular saddles. This saddle is available in high and standard cantle options. The high cantle options has a deep seat which offers a feeling of great security...

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