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GP Saddles - The ideal saddle for the rider who does a little bit of everything. At Ryder we do three versions, the VSD which is for riders who favour more dressage than jumping, the VSJ which is for riders who want to jump a bit more and the Endurance GP. They are forward cut enough for low-level jumping, while still being suitable for flatwork and hacking.

 For more information on our saddle range please get in touch with your nearest Ryder saddles fitter or contact us on for more information. 

Ryder GP Saddles

Supreme Show Saddle

The Ryder Supreme Show saddle has been designed with a classic minimalist show look in mind. It has a compact panel to cater for a short bearing space and a slimmed down straight cut flap to highlight your pony’s shoulder in the ring.

Ryder GP Saddles

VSD Supreme

The VSD originates from Germany and stands for “Vielseitigkeitssättel dressur” which translates to “versatility saddle (dressage)”. VSD is also commonly referred to as "Very-Slightly Dressage. Designed to be halfway between a general purpose saddle and a dressage saddle

Ryder GP Saddles

Liberty Endurance

An endurance saddle by Ryder saddles. As standard our Liberty endurance saddle has a double latex seat to allow for those long hours spent in the saddle

Ryder GP Saddles

Baroque GP

This Baroque saddle has been specifically developed by Ryder Saddles for the warmblood and other such types. It particularly suits Friesian horses.

Ryder GP Saddles

VSJ Supreme

A GP jump saddle for those riders who favour jumping more. This saddle has a lovely deep seat for those long hours spent in the saddle and comes with moveable front and rear blocks so the rider feels safe and secure

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