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The GP saddles you see pictured  below are versions of saddles we have been making since Ryder first began thirty years ago. Over the last few years the GP saddle has started to become more popular again, especially with Ryder where you can have your GP saddle fully customised and made to the same high quality as our other saddles. A GP saddle no longer means a compromise on quality or bespoke choices. We make two versions of the GP. One saddle is on a dressage tree and the other is made on a jump tree. The options available are endless so if you don't see what you are looking for please call or email to discuss further as at Ryder we know horses and people come in all shapes and sizes

To help you with ideas for making your saddle bespoke to you please take a look on our Bespoke Options page. For more information on our saddle range please get in touch with your nearest Ryder saddles fitter or contact us on for more information.

Ryder GP Saddles

Baroque Dressage GP

The dressage GP is available on the Legacy, Baroque and Excellence Tree. This saddle is a dual flap with the block on the panel and a flat soft padded flap over the roll.

Ryder GP Saddles

Jump GP

The Introducing the Ryder Jump GP. A versatile saddle for the traditional rider that wants to be comfortable and secure.

Ryder GP Saddles

Prequel GP

Designed as a first saddle or for the amateur adult who wants to do a little bit of everything. This saddle is available in black or brown.

Ryder GP Saddles


The VIP is the perfect GP saddle for someone who wants to do a little bit of everything. As with our VIP dressage tree this saddle is suited to high withered narrow horses, for example ex race horses

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