The jump saddles you see pictured below are our most popular current range of saddles at present. We do however keep all of our old patterns from the past so can still make those models. All of our saddles can be mixed and matched, so you can have the blocks from one saddle and the seat from another for example. Our jump saddles are also all available with bespoke or Velcro blocks. The options are endless so if you don't see what you are looking for please call or email to discuss further as at Ryder we know horses and people come in all shapes and sizes.

To help you with ideas for making your saddle bespoke to you please take a look on our Bespoke Options page. For more information on our saddle range please get in touch with your nearest Ryder saddles fitter or contact us on here for more information.

Ryder Jump Saddles


One of our most stunning saddles ever…. This saddle has all the features and ride-ability of a french saddle.

Ryder Jump Saddles

Riviera Mono

This saddle is the monoflap version of the Riveria saddle. It has all the same features as the standard Riveria

Ryder Jump Saddles


This is the perfect flat seated saddle for riders who want the ultimate close contact feel. It also enables the rider to ride with a shorter leg position as the flap is very forward cut.

Ryder Jump Saddles

Saywell Jump

The Saywell Jump saddle is a traditional jumping saddle designed by Andrew Saywell in conjunction with Ryder Saddles...

Ryder Jump Saddles


The Bellagio tree is a slimmer and flatter tree than most other jump saddles are made on giving the rider a close contact feel...

Ryder Jump Saddles


The Volante saddle gives a safe and secure feel to the rider. It has a forward moulded flap that sits over the knee block and provides plenty of room for the rider’s leg and security for the rider...