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Monaco Dressage Saddle

The Monaco Dressage saddle is designed on the same tree as the Riveria dressage saddle. This saddle has been thoughtfully crafted to fit modern warmbloods; With broad wide shoulders, flatter toplines, and support freedom of movement in their shoulder. Warmblood horses like this are typically very hard to locate and find a saddle for, as few saddles have adapted to this change in conformation and type. This model enables greater engagement and movement. Following on from the success of our Baroque dressage saddle with extendable flexible points we have added this feature to this saddle. This allows the shoulder to have full movement and the horse not to feel blocked particularly when working in extended or lateral work when this can occur. For the rider, this saddle is built on a monoflap design offering a close contact feel. This saddle is available in a standard or high cantle option. The standard option has a lovely way of placing a rider in a neutral balanced position. The balance of the seat, supports proper equitation and alignment of the rider, often offering stability to a rider’s lower leg. Trainers and amateurs alike are drawn to this model for its open, yet balanced feel. The high cantle option is also available for those looking for a more supportive deep option.

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