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Welcome to our website where you can browse around and have a look at our beautifully made saddles. As well as our stunning saddles we make saddle accessories, and our iconic Ryder handbag. Established in 1985, we offer traditional bespoke craftsmanship, outstanding workmanship with the latest designs, all from our factory in Walsall in the UK
To schedule a fitting or for more information please get in touch via the contact page,  or alternatively call your nearest Ryder saddle fitter


Ryder Saddles are British saddle makers who have been  making, retailing and fitting top quality made to measure saddles for over 30 years around the world. Founded in the late 80's by Glen Farnell,  who is still very involved with the company and is one of the two Directors along with Jane Riley. Glen is one of the best Master Saddlers in Walsall, having left school at 16 to begin work in the saddle industry and served a seven year apprenticeship in the industry before becoming a Master Saddler. Jane has an equestrian and business background and together they're are always working on new ideas and designs. 

We take great pride in our craftsmanship, the service we deliver and the materials that we use. All of our saddles are hand made on an individual basis by one of our qualified saddle makers, so as well as the saddle fitting the horse, you as a rider have the freedom to choose your preference. Whatever your equine discipline we can help you to make the right decision in choosing your Dressage or jump saddle. We fit and make saddles for Olympians to pleasure riders and one is as important to the other to us at Ryder.

About Our Leather


Each and every Ryder Saddle is made from the highest grade premium leather, ensuring that your saddle will last for many years to come. We use only 100% British wool from Jacobs’s sheep, we never use synthetic wool as over time this will become compressed and ball up to cause pressure points. For measuring/fitting we do cover most of the UK so if you would like to arrange a visit to try out our saddles please do not hesitate to give us a call. For remote areas or if you have a saddle fitter you would like to measure your saddle, we're more than happy to offer advice or work with/from your saddlers template.  We understand that people and horses come in all different shapes and sizes and most of our bespoke saddles can be made to suit your individual requirements.



As well as making quality saddles we also make accessories to match your saddle and lifestyle products. Our girths are all innovative designs, tested by riders and horses alike and made using soft leather with web or bio thane reinforcement where necessary and can be made to match as can our stirrup leathers. We also make handbags, key ring tassels, belts and spur straps, again these can be made to match or as a stand alone product.

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