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The Ryder short softie Convex girth is a short girth to be used with both our dressage and jump saddles. This girth is made to prevent the saddle slipping forwards and is an ideal girth for a horse with a low wither and a barrel type shape though its body.


The girth straps go directly into the buckles with no fiddly keeper to thread through first. This allows the rider to be able to lean down and tighten their own girth if necessary. The girth straps also tuck neatly and easily through the wide keeper below the buckles. This girth is made from calf skin to match our saddles, has no inside seaming or stitch apart from around the outside. Available in cognac, chestnut, chocolate & black, size 22 - 30" and in any colour thread. If piping is required please contact us here.

Short Softie Convex Girth

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